Mailman Announcement

Fellow Users,


"Ezmlm" software used to manage e-mail lists has been replaced with "Mailman" as of January 2, 2014.

* Users request for e-mail lists via the issue tracking system and manage them using a web interface thanks to "Mailman". List owners receive an e-mail that contain information on e-mail list management upon provisioning of their requested lists.

* Memberships of personnel, students, instructors and insforum lists are managed by the Computer Center. Memberships of other lists are management by their respective owners.

* Format of the e-mail list addresses are Domain parts of e-mail list addresses that are currently in use will be updated as upon their migration to mailman software.

* All existing e-mail lists are scheduled to be migrated to "Mailman" software until July 1, 2014.

* Lists can be configured as owner-only posting announcement lists, members-only posting standard lists, or controlled lists that distribute messages upon approval by the mail list owner.


For further information on Mailman usage please follow links below;

Web Management for List Owners

Membership management via Web Interface

Please be advised.

Computer Center