About Spam Mail

Dear Users,

Bogazici University e-mail system users are receiving, a lot of mails which have subjects as [SPAM:BOUNCC] or [POTENTIAL_PHISHING:BOUNCC], due to heavily SPAM attack to our users lately. These e-mails are labeled as [SPAM:BOUNCC] or [POTENTIAL_PHISHING:BOUNCC] by our e-mail system, via SPAM filtering rules. Please do not trust these e-mails, since these e-mails’ main intentions are to deceive the targeted user that the sender address is your own e-mail address and give an impressive to the targeted user that the sender’s address is being stolen.

Due to the our university’s SPAM policy’s no single e-mail is being deleted but labeled as SPAM (or not SPAM) and final action or decision is left to our e-mail systems’ users.

It is advised to our users to create SPAM filters and rules (delete, move, forward) by using their e-mail client applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, Horde, Roundcube, etc. ) features.

We would like to remind to our users that, Computer Center staff members do not ask users account passwords via e-mail.

Computer Center